Faceted Opal Cut by Yophine

Pear facet

A true emanation of royalty, the custom pear-shaped opal facet is a majestic piece suitable for any special occasion. With its striking color play, the icy tones lure the observer in and keep their attention. This unique Yophine gemstone is a special gift for yourself or your loved one with a luxurious taste.
Care Instructions

Delivered in 30-60 days

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Pear facet

Product specification

Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4
Carats: 0.53 Carats: 1.12 Carats: 1.84 Carats: 2.24
Dimensions: 7.50x5.30x3.75 mm Dimensions: 9.30x6.55x5.00 mm Dimensions: 11.35x8.15x5.75 mm Dimensions: 11.65x8.40x6.30 mm