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Slovak opal — the expression of prestige

A classic piece for any sophisticated jewelry collector.

A distinctive blend of art and craft

Slovak opal ties in four key aspects:

Opal Uniqueness


Yophine opals come from the first and oldest opal mines in the world, which adds historical significance to each piece.

Opal Exclusivity


Opal from Dubnik is a true rarity among gemstones, with a yearly stock of just a few hundred pieces sourced from Slovak mines.

Opal Clarity


The precious gemstone is known as the opal of the nobles — it was the only opal on the market until the end of the 19th century.

Opal Cut


Each opal's color pattern and light reflection determine its final cut, bringing out the stone's exceptional beauty.

Exclusive, limited-edition pieces

Through an established partnership, Yophine's opals are sourced ethically, directly from Slovak mines that offer a limited number of pieces per year. The production process and limit ensure the exclusivity of Yophine products, making them highly-demanded pieces among jewelry connoisseurs.

Certified authenticity

Each Slovak opal piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which details the type, origin, and quality of the opal. It also clarifies any additional features, such as the presence of precious metals or gems.

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