Private Events

Experience Yophine's exquisite pieces

Witnessing the beauty of rare jewelry in a real-life setting can be an unforgettable experience. That's why we at Yophine host private events at exclusive venues that reflect the beauty and prestige of our staple pieces.

Enrich your collection

The chosen venue acts as a backdrop that allows our unique jewelry featuring Slovak opal to shine. Whether we decide on a private viewing, an intimate dinner, or a cocktail party, the event is tailored to our clients' liking.

Each client has a different taste and style, and we at Yophine embrace your unique preferences.

At the exclusive event, our team of highly knowledgeable and friendly individuals will guide you through each piece of the jewelry collection, explaining which materials were used and what the inspiration behind it was.

Yophine exclusive ring

Book a private presentation

Once we agree on the presentation's time, date, and location, our team will send you all legally required information, including terms and conditions, together with the confirmation of your booking.