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1. Ownership of Yophine:

Yophine is a proprietary product developed and owned by Great rent a.s. Any reference to Yophine on this website pertains to our product and is protected by applicable intellectual property laws, including but not limited to trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets.

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The name Yophine and the Yophine logo are registered trademarks of Great rent a.s. and are protected by trademark laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of the Yophine trademark and logo is strictly prohibited.

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All content, materials, and information provided on this website, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, videos, and software, are the property of Great rent a.s. and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.

4. Permissible Use:

You are permitted to use the Yophine product and its associated logo solely for the purpose of interacting with our services. Any other use, including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, or modification, requires prior written consent from Great rent a.s.

5. Prohibited Activities:

You are expressly prohibited from engaging in any activities that infringe upon our intellectual property rights, including but not limited to reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling the Yophine product or logo.

6. No Endorsement:

Use of the Yophine product or logo does not imply any endorsement or affiliation with third parties, unless explicitly stated by Great rent a.s.

7. Disclaimer of Liability:

Great rent a.s. shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or liabilities arising from your use of the Yophine product or logo.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This Legal Notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech republic. Any disputes arising from this Legal Notice or your use of the Yophine product or logo shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Czech republic.

9. Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Legal Notice or the use of Yophine and its associated logo, please contact us at

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Last updated: 1.8.2023

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