Faceted Opal Cut by Yophine

Radiant facet

The name of this piece is a perfectly suitable description. The timeless rectangular shape and sea-blue base tones make this radiant opal facet a classic yet invaluable addition to any jewelry connoisseur's collection. The charming facet speaks of the luxurious taste of its owner subtly but boldly.
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Radiant facet

Product specification

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Carats: 0.59 Carats: 0.91 Carats: 1.43 Carats: 2.52
Dimensions: 5.75x5.00x4.50 mm Dimensions: 6.80x5.60x5.15 mm Dimensions: 8.45x6.85x5.85 mm Dimensions: 9.60x8.00x7.00 mm