Faceted Opal Cut by Yophine

Round facet

The subtle elegance of the piece exposes its timeless value. With a hue of yellow-white radiance, this precious round facet resembles the summer sky — which is also the perfect setting for the opal to showcase its full beauty. The custom round facet is an elevated addition to any outfit that acts as the perfect final touch.
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Round facet

Product specification

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Carats: 0.24 Carats: 0.47 Carats: 0.71 Carats: 2.25 Carats: 3.81 Carats: 4.7
Dimensions: 4.60x4.60x3.25 mm Dimensions: 5.45x5.45x4.00 mm Dimensions: 6.35x6.35x5.20 mm Dimensions: 9.50x9.50x7.30 mm Dimensions: 10.00x10.00x7.80 mm Dimensions: 12.20x12.20x8.80 mm